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Have something to say about the Patriots ?  Want to see what other
fans & members are talking about? Trying to communicate game
day or tailgate plans with other Club members?

Now you can post live content on our Eastern USA Blog Pages!

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Blog Instructions:

If you are new to Blogs, below is a brief outline how to use. A Blog
is like an online diary of comments regarding a particular topic,
sort of like a running IM visible to all.

When you go to the main Blog page, you will see various topics
posted on the main page. Note you will also see a right hand
panel with categories, login and registration.

Making comments to an existing topic on the main Blog page is
easy and open to everyone.  Just hit the word comments and reply.

To add a new topic, you must be registered as a Blog user. On the
main Blog page you will see ” login” and “registration “on the right
panel. After a one time registration, you will receive a login
password. Once you have a password, you are ready to login and
create ongoing topics for Blog readers to comment and reply.

When creating a topic, you also have the option of categorizing
them for the specific Blog readers. If unsure where to categorize,
the Blog Moderator can do that for you. In any case,  your topic will
always show up on the main Blog page.

Note: Comments and topics will be posted only after approval by
the Blog Moderator. Thus, we keep those rude Steeler & Colts
fans from harassing our fine Club members!

If any questions or problems using the Blog, send an email to
[email protected]

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