How Trends Affect Mobile Development?

We are in the era of the digital world. The app development is going in another level of advancement. Recently there are many changes experienced in the mobile industry and more to expect in the future. Today world is dominated by the Android and IOS applications. The application developers are earning lots of revenue by this changing trend. The most popular trend is in-app purchase and the app ads. As per the study, the 70 percent of the population is using the android phones and 30 % are using IOS phones. The application developers are working hard to meet the users need in both the devices. On majority, you get the fast internet and free wi-fi due to which users are becoming more prone to use their smartphone. Now smartphone has become the source of revenue to the mobile companies and app developers.

According to the research few statistics were found in last three years.

Instead of reading newspapers and physical books, users are using application for the same. It has raised mobile view by 130%. Research shows that your android app reviews affect your app store ranking by atleast 78% daily.

Usage of the mobile applications is increased by 70 % as compared to the website users.

The applications related to health, bank, shopping, etc are on high raise. These applications have become the necessity for the users.

Now all the users are having social media app on their devices. Gone were the days when the user has to visit the social media website to log in their account. Now the application for each social, media platform.

From the marketing point of view, use of buy app review has increased by the companies.

Latest Mobile development trends

Phones have become the part of our life, we cannot imagine a single second without the phone. The people are changing with the trend. Their life moves around with the mobile. WhatsApp, snapchat are the common way to communicate with the friends. Listening music with mobile apps like google play music, sound cloud app etc is the favorite time pass. Checking emails and reading e eBooks are the common daily routine by the applications. Almost everything which we do in our daily life is connected with the application usages. According to the reports, there are around 2.1 billion users of the smartphone in the world. Adults use the phone on average 200 times a day, youngster uses it for 350 times a day on average, however, data has increased by 20 percent in the year 2017. It is the amazing fact to know how our life is connected with the mobile applications.

Advance technology like accelerated mobile pages is in use. Google has introduced AMP project which is good for SEO. It will support the users to load the application on the mobile much faster by using google AMP. It reduces the bounce rate also.

The revolutionary applications are using software like augmented reality and virtual reality for gaming and entertainment. The games like Pokémon, Ion road, sky siege etc are using these advanced applications. AR application has shown more growth as compared to VR applications.

There is a tremendous growth in the investment of artificial intelligence this year. Many big companies like Facebook, Google, IBM are collaborating with the artificial intelligence companies. There are many artificial intelligence apps like Prisma, Siri, Google news etc which are very popular nowadays. There are cloud driven apps are getting more popular. Everyone knows about cloud technology. Now cloud computing apps have been launched and they are very powerful to fetch and store data with minimum space.

Enterprise mobile applications like buy app review are helpful to increase the ranking of the website.  Enterprise mobile app example is the app specially designed for any team project. There is huge demand of micro applications nowadays. Some example of the micro-app is the Facebook messenger, to do list app etc are popular in use.  For merchant business apps are very helpful and there is a huge investment in these application developments. Security applications are also the very popular trend. There is insecurity by the hackers so to prevent it, many mobile applications are used.

This coming year the wearable devices are about to launch. There is a tremendous growth in this sector. They are not restricted to healthcare but also for other uses. Some wearable devices are like Apple watch, Google daydream view etc. The e-commerce has shifted to e-commerce. Now there are m-commerce payment facilities through Google Wallet or Apple Pay. The wearable device will come with e-commerce facilities.

There is a huge growth in location-based services like apple ibeacon or Google beacon. There will be more usage of application with the wi-fi location-based information. When it comes to the mobile app advancement, then one has to get updated with the technology, skilled software in the market. The companies can use the buy app review to grow their online presence.

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