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Without the access of internet, your smartphone is zero. We all are active members of social media. Whatever happens in our day to day life, we want to capture it and make others know about it. If you are viewing something different then you want to be the first person to upload it in the social media and gain the bulk of likes and comments. If you are not that active in social media then you will at least use your smartphone for surfing or gaining knowledge. If are not even doing that, then you are not using a smartphone.

This makes sure that internet plays a major role in each person’s life. There are availability of public internet services at most of the places. If internet has an important space on the public places and hotels, then it should definitely hold the same space at your house. We spend our most of the time at our house. Having an internet pack is sometimes irritable because at most places you may not find good range. Due to this, the internet does not work. If you have an urgent work to be completed and there is no network at that particular place then you may get caged over there. Not only this, you need to frequently recharge your phone with internet service. Sometimes you may not have money to fill the top up so you are compelled to wait till the money comes or need to take a loan from the service.

Wireless Router Under 100


So to overcome this situations and enjoy the best internet service, we install the wifi connection at home. With the help of wifi, you can use the internet service at it’s most and whenever needed at high speed. Wifi provides you with efficient service compared to the normal internet pack. There are various models of best routers under $100. To select the appropriate one is difficult.

When I was planning to setup a wifi connection at home then the same problem was faced by me. It took me more than a week to decide the best one for my needs. Finally I selected the TP-Link AC1200.

Features of TP-Link AC1200

It was very difficult for me to select a particular wifi. The reason to select the AC1200 was because of it’s unique features. Below are some features of the AC1200 which attracted me.

Wireless connector

According to me in today’s scenario, having a wireless router is more beneficial than others. The traditional router is comparatively difficult to connect and consumes more time. You also need a professional person to install the traditional router. A wireless router can be setup by yourself without any other professional person’s help. And at the same time, while setting up the traditional router, the wires are placed outside the normal hidden wires. You can see the wires present in your wall which gives a bad look to the infrastructure of the house. While placing a wireless router there are no such problems being faced.

Easy to setup

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need a professional person to install the wifi connection at your home. You yourself can setup the wifi without a second person’s help. You just need to follow the manual and instruction chart or else, you can watch a tutorial video which are present on the youtube and other websites.

Three external antennas

The three external antennas provide a strong coverage of internet to every corner of your house. Some wifi comes with single antennas which provides less coverage of internet even at some spots of your house. If your house is bigger in size then this wifi is best for you. If the size of your house is small then three antennas are not recommended.

Provides dual band 1200mbps wifi

It provides you with dual band 1200mbps wifi speed. Due to this you can have a strong wifi speed which will help you to stream videos and online gaming. Even more than two-three devices can be connected at the same time and enjoy the best speed of internet. With the help of this, you can enjoy a full movie without any buffering.


If you want to set up a strong speed wifi router at your large house or at your worksite, then this is the best router you can have.

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