Eastern USA Patriots Network

Welcome to our Website!       

We are a network of loyal New England
Patriots fans who live up and down the
East coast of the USA.

Our network is made up of Regional Clubs
whose appreciation for the Patriots goes
beyond words,  and is represented by the
photos submitted by club members to our Bosch router table website.

The web pages on our site plays much of the music you hear at Gillette
Stadium during games. So if you have not had a chance to get to a game,

Our Charter:

1) We will never miss a Pats game for any reason, home or away, including  business, personal or weather related.

2) We will never let any fool ever tell us they would take Manning over Brady,
or that the Pats do not have a chance to win a Superbowl.

3) We think a picture speaks a thousand words, thus we do not write
ongoing articles. We leave that to the players & news professionals.

We invite you to join one of our Clubs!  Or if you currently have a group of
fans you party with, why hassle with setting up a website? Join our network
and we will set up your group with your own member club page.  We are
also a  Patriots Fan Zone Club!.

Club members get many benefits including priority access to any Patriots
tickets that become available throughout the club network – home or away!

Or feel free to stop by one of our member pubs or game day tailgates for
some fine food and a nice Cohiba!

As`always, our Clubs are non profit & non dues paying……….oooRAH!

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